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SERR Synergy currently employs in excess of 450 people and has a national footprint with offices in Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Upington. We envisage expanding our footprint with additional offices in other areas of South Africa in the near future.

We take the synergyin our name seriously and pride ourselves on being the leader in our field of expertise, collaborating with businesses to ensure that we deliver services that are synchronised, affordable, easy to understand and flexible. We work in partnership with businesses and every project we embark on with a client must be able to be positioned within a broader strategy of that company. The strategy is executed on a strict budget and timeline, with a strong emphasis on the results and rewards emanating from those activities.

Our overall aim is to assist you in developing your business to operate both legitimately and sustainably and at the same time benefit from South Africa’s unique economic landscape.

Professional Services
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We offer a range of specialist consulting and professional services at an affordable monthly retainer to suit your business’s scope and specific needs.

Our professional expertise includes access to the following:

  • Labour and corporate attorneys;
  • B-BBEE experts;
  • Corporate Law advisors;
  • Human resource specialists;
  • Qualified occupational health and safety advisors;
  • SETA-approved skills development facilitators;
  • SETA-accredited training facilitators, assessors, moderators, mentors and coaches;
  • UIF and workmen’s compensation experts formerly employed by the Workmen’s Compensation Commissioner;
  • Employment equity advisors;
  • Learnership and mentorship programmes;
  • Youth Employment Service (YES) training programmes, etc.

Using one company that provides this broad spectrum of legal services reduces overall costs dramatically because you don’t have to deal with different companies, while also receiving the highest level of service. We enable you to focus on your core business by assisting you to make sense of the South Africa’ stringent business laws and ensure that your business policies and practices are aligned accordingly.

We synergise all legal requirements for businesses to become fully compliant, not only with the elements of the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice but also with other legal compliance requirements.

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Our holistic solutions swiftly guide businesses through South Africa’s business legislation maze in the direction of greatness.

  • We do not tick boxes but encourage initiatives with substance.
  • Our unique business approach is founded on the principle that we not only ensure legislation compliance for enterprises, but also assign to each client a specialist project manager who fully understands the enterprise’s requirements, in order to synchronise all activities and services relating to risk aversion.
  • We only use the latest project management software and tools to assist businesses in achieving all compliance elements of legislation by monitoring processes daily and providing our clients with a progress report on a regular basis.
  • Our unique services are in demand with business owners who seek to minimise the risk associated with South Africa’s business legislation in order to grow their business, and to take advantage and be part of the country’s countless business opportunities.
  • We have a specific interest in bridging the gap between what our clients want and what business legislation requires. One of our strengths is that we follow certain processes to understand how a client’s business operates and how its organisational objectives are integrated.
  • We take the time to comprehend the relationship that businesses have with their clients and suppliers. Our starting point is always to understand the challenges our clients are faced with, which further assists us in recognising their business processes and to propose the most cost-effective and practical way forward that will benefit them.

Our methodology assures that all steps, from business transformation to implementation to the adoption of best practice legislation, are fully taken care of.

At SERR Synergy we do not believe in knee-jerk reactions, but rather in innovative solutions that will result in sound and ethical business practices leading to a sustainable future. Some of the benefits that our clients enjoy are as follows:

  • SERR Synergy serves as the sole agent to implement the full spectrum of business legislation measures to ensure contingency and effective communication;
  • We align your business policies and procedures to a single objective to benefit the business;
  • Avoiding employing multiple consultants which usually leads to contradictions and unnecessary expenses;
  • We assign a professional project manager who has the expertise to deal with the full range of implementation issues, thus avoiding any fragmentation of duties and obligations and ensuring the successful execution of legislation compliance;
  • Increase in revenue and profit margins;
  • Qualifying for annual monetary rewards to businesses contributing towards any of the B-BBEE development initiatives;
  • Claiming back of a portion of skills development levies;
  • Improving the B-BBEE compliance of the business so that more clients will consider it as a preferred supplier;
  • Peace of mind for all business owners in South Africa, allowing you to focus on your core business.
Gideon Gerber

Gideon Gerber
Director: SERR Synergy

Our director and co-founder, Gideon Gerber, has been involved in BEE legislation since its inception in 2004, serving on working committees, providing inputs to Technical Committees on the drafting of the BEE Codes, and consulting with entities – from big multinationals to small family-owned businesses.

He has served as CEO and Director of various entities involved in BEE Structuring & Compliance, Training, Skills Development and Business Compliance in South Africa, the UK and Namibia.

Gideon obtained his Master’s degree in Law from the University of Pretoria with a research thesis on B-BBEE Fronting Practices. He is the first individual in South Africa to obtain a post-graduate degree in this sphere of the law. He also published an article titled Criminal liability requirements of the new Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) statutory offence  in the Journal of Contemporary Roman-Dutch Law (THRHR) August 2018.

Gideon is widely published, and since 2005 has written columns for a range of publications, including Rapport, The Hunters Magazine, SA Mick Producers, etc. He is currently a regular guest speaker at business forums and conferences and a columnist for Business Day and Landbouweekblad on BEE-specific matters. To access some of these articles, please visit the news page.

Dries Pretorius

Dries Pretorius
Director: SERR Synergy

Our second director and co-founder, Dries Pretorius, is a specialist in sales and marketing and has been leading various sales teams to great success. He has for more than two decades been involved in the establishment and development of various Consultancy teams to introduce and advise business-owners and farmers on plausible strategies and solutions to the challenges relating to legislation such as B-BBEE, Labour, Skills Development, POPI, CPA, Corporate Governance, etc.

His expertise in business development extends beyond the borders of South Africa to Namibia and the UK.

His motto is in line with SERR Synergy’s slogan: A service to many leads to greatness.


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