Domestics are an essential facet of South African households and over the past few years important measures have been put in place to regulate a previously unregulated industry.

Most recent statistics show that South Africa has in excess of one million domestic workers, accounting for more than 8% of the total workforce in our country. According to the CCMA’s statistics, domestic workers are the biggest segment in the South African workforce referring disputes to the CCMA.

In terms of the Basic Conditions of Employment and Labour Relations Acts, domestic workers’ wages and working conditions are set by the Minister of Labour and are amended annually and published in the Government Gazette as law.

What does this mean for households?

Domestic workers are, amongst others entitled to:

  • a letter of employment
  • UIF benefits
  • a minimum wage determined on an annual basis
  • Workmen’s Compensation benefits in terms of new legislation.

Some of the entitlements may further create complexities for stay-in workers. For average households to deal with the above mentioned legal requirements and associated risks could be overwhelming and prove to be costly. What happens when things go wrong?

Our SERR Synergy labour relations for Domestics have been specially designed to take care of all of the above as well as other legislative requirements. We offer households overall peace of mind and comprehensive protection in this regard at an affordable price. Our exclusive service to households employing domestic workers.

Our experienced and qualified Legal Advisors, Industrial Relations or Labour Relations Consultants deal comprehensively on your behalf with the relevant labour legislation and most common pitfalls that businesses encounter. We implement practical solutions that support management in dealing with labour legislation requirements.


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Our value-adding domestic labour service

  • Providing a contract of employment and reviewing existing contracts of employment/ letters of appointment.
  • Providing a short summary of the minimum wage and conditions of employment requirements for domestic workers.
  • Assistance with UIF and Workman’s Compensation registration and claims relating to the above in terms of the new legislation for domestic workers.
  • Providing documents and material relating to any disciplinary matter.
  • Representation at the CCMA in the event of any dispute referred to the CCMA by the relevant employee or union official.
  • Assisting the employer with all aspects relating to union membership and union officials pursuing access to the employer’s premises.
  • An additional R5 000 in funeral benefit per domestic worker forms part of a business BEE initiative.

Need ultimate compliance?

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