Innovator of 2019 Registration

  • All SERR Synergy employees can participate except management;
  • The ‘Innovator of 2019’ employee incentive will run between 11 October and 25 November 2019;
  • 1st time innovative idea to be communicated ONLY from 11 October 2019 via the website link and registration process;
  • Ideas can only be submitted via our website link by the completion and submission of the ‘Innovator of 2019’ registration form;
  • SERR Synergy website menu: ‘Innovation 2019’ with a link to the form;
  • Submit ID number and password: innovation2019;
  • All innovative ideas must impact the whole company and not only a small area of our business;
  • Original ideas that are easy to implement are welcome;
  • Example of innovative ideas: Special community projects / New product or service introduction / Improve product or service / Improve process or system / Other
  • There will only be one overall award and prize winner for the ‘Innovator of 2019’ in the form of a R10 000 cash prize (*subject to standard taxation);
  • The prize winner will be announced and prize handed over at the Pretoria year end function on 29th November 2019;
  • All ideas will be reviewed and audited by an objective ‘Innovation 2019 panel’;
  • Please note: that this is not the forum to put forward internal suggestions, please discuss with your direct manager;
  • Enquiries can be mailed to;
  • Download a copy of the rules

Let’s unleash the creative spirit lurking in SERR Synergy.