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Are electronic signatures legal?
June 17, 2020
Given the current situation faced by South Africa and the rest of the globe, a concern was raised as to whether all agreements and contracts can be signed electronically.
Guidelines on using ZOOM for Retrenchment Consultations
June 17, 2020
The Johannesburg Labour Court has ruled that retrenchment negotiations can take place using Zoom or similar video-conferencing facilities.
Understanding Business Rescue Fundamentals
June 11, 2020
The notion of business rescue has never been as fundamentally fitting as at present given our current economic climate.
Guidelines on the use of Polygraph testing in the workplace
June 08, 2020
There is a common misconception among employers that an employee who fails a polygraph test can be summarily dismissed without any other supporting evidence being presented.
Cancellations and refunds during a pandemic from a Consumer Protection point of view
June 03, 2020
Since the national Covid-19 lockdown was declared in South Africa, travel bans were imposed, borders were closed, and cancellation of gatherings and events became necessary to limit the spread of the virus.  This unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic certainly prepared the world to m
Unpacking Level 3 lockdown regulations for businesses
June 02, 2020
The Minister of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs released a set of detailed regulations for gradually easing the hard lockdown under Levels 5 and 4 to Level 3. The said regulations were released on 28 May 2020 and stipulate the permissible action
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