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Tips on effective communication in the workplace
April 16, 2021
Covid-19 forced businesses to think differently about the way employees work, moving away from the conventional 8–5 desk jobs and implementing working-from-home policies.
The Importance Of Psychological Safety During Disruptive Times
April 13, 2021
At the heart of any business lies its people and for this reason it is essential that businesses create an environment of wellbeing in which change can be embraced, instability can be tolerated, and conflict can be resolved. 
When will an employer not be excluded from section 35 of the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act 130 of 1993?
April 09, 2021
Who will be held liable for damages should an employee sustain injuries in the workplace especially if such injury is not related to the employee's position or workplace duties?
Dismissal not always justified for dishonesty during interview or screening process
April 06, 2021
The unemployment rate in South Africa for the period of October to December 2020 stood at 32,5%, which amounts to 7,2 million people being unemployed (Quarterly Labour Force Survey Q4, Statistics South Africa, 2020). The South African job market is therefore oversaturated, resulting in competition for employment.
People with disabilities re-defined
March 30, 2021
While South Africans are challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Employment and Labour published an Employment Equity Amendment Bill. 
Traditional Healers: Belief vs Law
March 26, 2021
A subject often considered a grey area involving confusion and debate is the question of Traditional Healers and the role they play in providing medical certificates to employees who seek traditional medical assistance, rather than conventional medical treatment.
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