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Requirements for annual financial statements to be independently reviewed or audited
September 16, 2020
The primary purpose of annual financial statements is to measure and communicate two aspects of an entity's activities, namely its financial position and financial performance. 
Understanding the synergy between Corporate Social Responsibility, the Companies Act and B-BBEE Act
September 14, 2020
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a management concept according to which companies integrate social and environmental concerns into their business operations and interactions with their stakeholders.
What you should know about changes when calculating Skills Targets for 2020/2021
September 09, 2020
The amended Codes of Good Practice published on 31 May 2019 set the target for skills spend based on the Leviable amount.  Although the target percentage may differ, other sector codes follow suit in setting a target for skills spend based on the Leviable amount.
Understanding dismissal for incapacity due to ill health
September 01, 2020
Incapacity is the inherent inability of an employee to perform work according to the employer's established standards of quality and quantity due to ill health or injury, which can be temporary or permanent.
Understanding lockdown-related return policies
August 26, 2020
Since lockdown level 4 was declared, the government has started to ease the restrictions on goods available for purchase. Public consumption of selected goods such as clothing, shoes, bedding, cosmetic products, computer equipment, educational books, stationery, etc. was allowed, subject to strict sanitary provisions.
Duties and Responsibilities of Middle Management in the respect of Health and Safety
August 24, 2020
Within the health and safety industry, we are often asked why health and safety measures do not work, accompanied by statements such as:  "The employees do not adhere to the health and safety measures;" or "We have spent thousands of rands on health and safety with nothing to show for it;" or "The boss never listens to us when we ask for the implementation of health and safety measures."
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