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Alternatives to funding education fees
October 03, 2016
Inequality and poverty are at this point in time at the centre of the student rebellion in our country.
Employment and learnership tax incentives update from Treasury
September 26, 2016
If you have missed the media release from the National Treasury on 25 September 2016, there is great news for companies that are involved with employment and learnership tax incentives.
September 19, 2016
An overview of learnership tax allowance changes and challenges that business are faced with when training black unemployed individuals.
Skills development levies poorly managed by SETAs
September 12, 2016
An overview of skills development levy contributions and the management thereof by the SETAs.
IRBA regulatory withdrawal and impact on BEE verification
August 09, 2016
IMPACT ON B-BBEE VERIFICATION The Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors’ (IRBA) decision to withdraw from the regulation of the
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