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Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) Quick Facts
January 10, 2023
The Unemployment Insurance Fund consists of contributions made by employers and employees and collected by the Commissioner of SARS. All employees must contribute to UIF, irrespective of residency or citizenship.
Attaining Decent Work through effective Health and Safety Management Systems
December 22, 2022
Decent Work is a requirement imposed on businesses to support the global challenge of improving employee safety and well-being and promote dignity, fair income, equality, and a safe work environment.
Mandatory and Pivotal Grants submission deadline 2023
December 14, 2022
The Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and the Annual Training Report (ATR) are instrumental in the establishment of a demand-led skills development system which is responsive to the social and economic needs of South Africa.
Why your company’s Public Interest score matters
December 12, 2022
A company’s PI score is an indication of the degree of public interest in the company and also a reflection of its success and wellbeing. When a company’s PI score is 350 or more within their financial year, their annual financial statements are required to be audited.
Guidelines for obtaining Workplace Approval and its application processes
November 29, 2022
Skills development has become a strategic priority for enterprises wishing to attain or retain an acceptable B-BBEE level and meet the requirements of the Skills Development Act.
What is the link between Business Legal Compliance and Corporate Social Responsibility?
November 25, 2022
Business owners should consider Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as an important aspect of business compliance to achieve long-term sustainability within the business.
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